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Let's continue with answering "How Do The Fiduciary Duty Rules Affect The Plan Operation?"... Evaluating Fees Fees are just one of the several factors fiduciaries need to consider in deciding on service providers.  When the fees for services are paid out of plan assets, fiduciaries will want to understand the fees and expenses charged and the services provided. READ MORE >>

In Part 3, we talked about limiting your liability as a fiduciary.  Now let's talk about how rules affect your plan... HOW DO THE FIDUCIARY DUTY RULES AFFECT THE PLAN OPERATION? Employee Contributions:  If a plan provides for salary reductions from employees' paychecks for contrib... READ MORE >>

We've discussed who a fiduciary is and what it means to be a fiduciary.  Now let's talk about how to limit your liability... What steps can fiduciaries take to limit their liability? Fiduciaries can limit their liability in certain situations. READ MORE >>

We are continuing from our previous article about ERISA compliance.  In Part 1, we discussed who is a fiduciary and who is not a fiduciary.... What does it mean to be a fiduciary? Fiduciaries have important responsibilities and are subject to standards of conduct because they act on behalf of participants in a group health plan and their beneficiaries. READ MORE >>

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that sets minimum standards for employee benefit plans maintained by private-sector employers.  ERISA includes requirements for both retirement plans (i.e. 401(k) plans) and welfare benefit plans (i.e. group health plans). READ MORE >>

Your have probably heard of the significant benefits associated with workplace wellness programs. Perhaps you've implemented one in your business.  What many employers don't realize is that financial wellness is just as important as physical wellness. READ MORE >>

In our abbreviated world, a lot of our communication has been reduced simply to letters. " LOL, CU in JAM."  You can probably decipher that sentence, but with so many new acronyms developing, it's hard to keep up. READ MORE >>

Most businesses employ at least one person who is essential to the company's success.  This person may be a partner, owner, majority stockholder or another individual who is crucial to the business.  If this person unexpectedly leaves the organization, due to death, disability or immediate resignation, it may be hard for the organization to survive. READ MORE >>

It appears as if we are in for a pretty wet weekend, even a storm or two.  And with many of us on the road for ball games and holiday shopping, bad weather can just add to a the already hazardous conditions we face every time we get behind the wheel. READ MORE >>

As an employer, you have the responsibility to protect your employees from health and safety hazards, and part of that responsibility includes being prepared to respond to health threats.  A communicable disease outbreak is one of those threats that your organization must be prepared to handle. READ MORE >>

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