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The number one statement I get from a new group or individual health insurance client is "I don't want ObamaCare."  The good news, you couldn't buy ObamaCare if you wanted because it is not a brand or product.  It is just the slang term for the Affordable Care Act. READ MORE >>

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We are frequently asked "how often should I shop my insurance?"  For most of our clients it is our policy to "shop" (send out to insurance companies for quotes) their account every three years.  That allows the insurance company to truly get to know your business and for your to get the know the insurance company. READ MORE >>

Financial author/motivational speaker/radio host Dave Ramsey has given the "thumbs up" to the independent insurance agent for being the number one money saving tip for insurance.  Check out his article - a great explanation on how independent insurance agencies (such as The Bramlett Agency) saves their clients money. READ MORE >>

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