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Mental health disorders, which include depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological disorders, affect nearly a quarter of all adults, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Employees afflicted with poor mental health could potentially experience the following symptoms: READ MORE >>

Employees' lack of cyber security knowledge may pose one of the greatest risks to an organization's network security.  Hackers often send "phishing" emails that contain viruses which can then be opened by unsuspecting employees.  Also, employees logging on to the company network using an unprotected Wi-Fi connection may open the network to vulnerability. READ MORE >>

If you're a smoker and looking to save money, quitting smoking is good place to start.  Unlike canceling your cable subscription or buying generics, quitting smoking will put money in your pocket while also benefitting your health! Costs of Smoking • On average, a pack of cigarettes cost $6. READ MORE >>

As healthcare cost continue to rise, it's increasingly important that you take an active role in decisions about your health, the care you receive and your health plan.  Here are some tips to help you get the most for your money. At the Doctor's Office READ MORE >>

As you look to take control of your health care and spending habits, you should get acquainted with the concept of "shopping around" for health care services.  This can be done by doing cost comparisons, understanding the differences in quality of service and using a personal cost-benefit equation to determine when the expense is worthwhile. READ MORE >>

Recently, your health insurance company may have requested your Social Security number, as well as the Social Security numbers of your spouse and your qualifying dependents.  Due to a new reporting requirement, you will need to report qualifying health coverage (referred to as "minimum essential coverage") on your yearly income tax return. READ MORE >>

In light of the recent bout of severe weather, I am sharing some basic information that we use in our agency as a part of our own Disaster Recovery Plan.  Last week we discussed flooding.  Now I'd like to talk about something that frightens and fascinates all of us, especially us Oklahoma folks - Tornadoes. READ MORE >>

In light of the recent bout of severe weather, as well as what we are facing this weekend, I am sharing some basic information that we use in our agency as a part of our own Disaster Recovery Plan.  Let's start with all that rain we've received.  Yes, it's awesome and is indeed needed. READ MORE >>

May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month.  Did you know that it only takes 15 minutes for the sun to damage your skin, but 12 hours for that damage to become visible?  Many individuals suffer from hours of skin damage before even realizing that their skin is in danger. READ MORE >>

We've gone through several questions and answers concerning ERISA, everything from "Who is a fiduciary" to fiduciary duties and rules.  Now we finish up with... ARE THERE SOME TRANSACTIONS THAT ARE PROHIBITED?     READ MORE >>

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