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The Bramlett Agency is proud to announce its new partnership with Cross Pointe Insurance Advisors located in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  Bramlett recently underwent the sale and reinvestment, and officially joined the Cross Pointe team December 1, 2015.

“We are very excited about this new venture,” said Bob Bramlett, President/CEO.  “This provides our agency added strength through new insurance markets, resources and personnel.”

“I’ve been approached by several big brokers who like to purchase agencies and clean house, and I did not want that future for our agency.  Joining Cross Pointe allowed us to avoid that scenario.  It allows us to retain our agency identity, an identity we’ve built since 1948.  We have been and are still dedicated to our community and clients, and look forward to continuing to offer the best insurance programs for businesses and families.”

Cross Pointe is owned by John Baxter, CEO.  Baxter co-founded Trinity Property Management and formed Cross Pointe Insurance Advisors, contributing to his more than 20 years’ experience in the real estate and insurance industry.

Cross Pointe offices are located in Ft. Smith and Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Roland, Oklahoma, and now in Ardmore as The Bramlett Agency.

Through the acquisition of the insurance agency in Siloam Springs, Cross Pointe became a member of Bainswest, a regional independent insurance agency group throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas, of which The Bramlett Agency is also a member.

“Due to our Bainswest connection, we met and discovered a commonality in agency cultures and philosophies,” stated Baxter.  “As our relationship grew, we also discovered that our plans for the future were also very similar.  We were a good fit from the start.  Moving forward together was seamless.”

An additional partner in this venture is BroadStreet Partners, an insurance brokerage company who makes majority investments in high performing independent insurance agencies.

Baxter explained “BroadStreet is an investment partner.  Their function is primarily financial.  They provide backing and support and leave it to us to run our agency.”

The Columbus, Ohio company is ranked by the Insurance Journal as the seventh largest agency in the country.

With buy-in from The Bramlett Agency leadership (and the most tenured team members), the transition has gone smoothly according to Bramlett. 

“With the blessing of Neil Johnson [Sr. Vice President/COO], and Dewinda Ford [Vice President of Customer Service], I knew we were on the right track,” shared Bramlett.  Their input and support has been vital to the entire process.” 

Additional Bramlett team members will play a key role in the partnership.  T.J. Riley, in addition to functioning as a business risk advisor, will also develop and participate in a new sales associate mentorship program.  Kathy Hattensty, who heads up The Bramlett Agency sales program, will now function as the Vice President of Business Development for all Cross Pointe/Bramlett locations.  Jake Bramlett, in addition to his position as complex risk advisor, is working with Neil Johnson as director of operations and will be involved with Cross Pointe operations and acquisitions departments.

“I’m proud of the team we’ve put together and how we are all working together for the good of our clients,” said Bramlett.  “With this new relationship, I will continue to take care of my clients as well as seek new opportunities for our operation.”  

The joining of agencies has allowed both entities to extend their service areas, which now encompasses Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and beyond.  The entire team will focus on providing a full range of insurance programs and services for the service area, with an emphasis on the manufacturing, oil & gas, health care, real estate, municipalities, construction and food service.

“This has been a great experience.  I want to thank my Mom and Dad, Jim and Janie Bramlett, who began this agency 68 years ago.  They provided us the excellent base of clients which has allowed us to grow our business to where we are today,” concluded Bramlett. 

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